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Smoke and the City

Food and fire. It’s primal; it’s a dance; it’s carbons bursting to life! It’s a skill. Taming live fire and manipulating it in such a way that the food you’ve placed on top of, beneath, or beside ...

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The Advantages of Charcoal Grilling: Part 2

  Previously on The Advantages of Charcoal Grilling Part I: we learned about different types of charcoal grill, how to start the charcoal, how to elevate our grill grate, and we learned about the ...

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The Advantages of Charcoal Grilling: Part 1

If I had to choose one method of cooking to use for the rest of my life, I would choose cooking over an open fire without hesitation. A wood or charcoal fire is such an engaging cooking experience, ...

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Tips for Grilling the Perfect Meat

  I have to admit. The first couple years of grilling, it was so hit or miss. When it was a hit, I was like “I’ve got this!  Grilling is easy!” Until the next time I cut into a whole grilled chicken ...

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Food Comics: Smoked Brisket

We are pleased to introduce Food Comics from The Chopping Block where our resident Cartoonist Tom O'Brien illustrates his cooking adventures. Here, he shows us how to smoke a brisket on a grill. ...

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Smoking a Turkey on a Grill

I am currently testing a new grill by Rosle, and what better way to put a grill to the test than by smoking a turkey?

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Pizza on the Grill: Craving Success

Admitting defeat can be difficult, especially when you never saw the failure coming. This happened to me recently when I attempted grilling pizza on my charcoal grill utilizing a birthday gadget, the ...

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From the Grind to the Grill

You know that almost indescribable moment when you first bite into a burger and you’re immediately transported to another world? I hope you‘ve had the pleasure of experiencing this burger nirvana, ...

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Popcorn on the Grill

I have never grilled. Anything. Ever. Recently, I spent a week in Palm Springs with my family. We rented a big house complete with 2 outdoor grills: one gas, one charcoal, complete with a set of ...

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Urban Pig Roast

The idea of a pig roast might conjure up images of a rural farm or some picnic area surrounded by wilderness and campsites. But the City of Chicago is a GREAT place to enjoy a whole pig party.

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