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Food is Medicine, So Let’s Use It

  An opinion article was recently published entitled “Our Food Is Killing Too Many of Us.” After being initially taken aback by the heavy, straight-forward title of the article, the subtitle stated ...

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How Homemade Ravioli Can Change the World

Several years ago, my brothers and I planned to recreate a meal from my parents’ favorite restaurant for their Christmas present. Before we knew it, we were hand-rolling pasta dough for the first ...

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Restaurant Food I Crave

I love being a chef! It’s that simple. Well, it really isn’t that simple.

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Adios, Chicago

My 8-year adventure in Chicago (and my 3-year adventure with The Chopping Block) has come to a close. On August 1st, I will be heading back to my hometown of Norfolk, Virginia to begin a new chapter ...

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Pairing Perfection: Why Beer Pairs Better than Wine

The Chopping Block is celebrating Chicago Craft Beer Week with different beer-focused classes, including last Friday's "He Said, She Said: Food & Beer Pairing Dinner". The evening featured five ...

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Is There a FoodMD?

After spending countless hours on WebMD, I still am unable to diagnose my current disease. I’ve been plagued with this illness for what seems like an eternity. It’s horrible. I don’t wish this on my ...

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Weightier Winter Wines

Winter weight. No, I’m not talking about the inevitable expansion of your waistline from being stuck inside during this brutal Chicago weather. I’m talking about the natural trend of drinking fuller ...

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A Pizza Party with the Phillips

We Phillips. We play Corn Hole (or Bags… or, as we like to jokingly call it, “Rhythmic Thumping”). We eat beef tenderloin with truffle cream sauce and Go-Go’s (my mom’s) famous twice baked potatoes. ...

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Memorable Scents

Did you know that your sense of taste is directly connected with your sense of smell? That's the reason why you can’t taste anything and don’t really crave anything to eat when you have a cold. The ...

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How to Present your Food

I’ve been thinking a lot about atmosphere and aesthetics these days and how it affects our experience of food and dining. I know most people care about appearance on some level, the most basic being ...

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