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Smoked Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce will Scare your Taste Buds

A friend recently suggested I watch the Gordon Ramsey episode of Hot Ones on YouTube, and I laughed as the celebrated chef worked his way through a series of hot wings doused in hot sauce, getting ...

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Homemade Hot Sauce Packs a Punch

I grew peppers in a garden for this first time this year. We planted ghost peppers, hot banana, bell peppers, jalapeno and cayenne peppers, and they flourished in the late-summer heat here in ...

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Exploring Island Cuisine

  I love to travel because I find exploring local food to be one of the best ways to experience other cultures. My friends and family have learned to accept that I’ll ask cab drivers to pull over at ...

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Something Missing in your Dish? Add a Dash of Tabasco Sauce

I grew up with Tabasco sauce on the table, right next to the salt and pepper. Sometimes the salt even has Tabasco in it. Avery Island in South Lousiana, where Tabasco began, is just a few miles away ...

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Fiery Hot Sauce Facts

I feel like it was just yesterday I was working as a class assistant at The Chopping Block, and I was ordered to sequester some sambal. I was like, “Umm…what’s that?” I was still very new and a ...

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Spreading Thankfulness

While a lot of you are fretting about what to make for Thanksgiving and how many calories you’ll need to work off, I’m thinking of who to be thankful for in my life. I know. I’m an amazing and ...

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Self-Defense in the Kitchen

Picture if you will, the following scenario: you’re making dinner, alone, as your guest(s) have yet to arrive. The doorbell rings. Your hands are full of bologna and cheese, and you can’t answer the ...

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The Best Seafood is Midwest Mexican

One of my favorite restaurants is right here in Chicago, located near the corner of Ashland Avenue and Augusta Boulevard. Mariscos el Veneno is a small Mexican seafood restaurant that serves up ...

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I Got the Blues

Some people consider Memorial Day the start of summer, but I always know the heat is on once my favorite festival commences at the beginning of June. I look forward to this every year, and since ...

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Stock Up for the Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse? If not, here is a short list of must haves: bottled water, batteries (mostly AA), sharp objects (ax, knife, hammer), backpack, first aid kit, etc. ...

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