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Carne with an 8th Generation Butcher in Panzano

When I decided to go on The Chopping Block's Cook Like a Tuscan tour this year, one of the most anticipated moments for me was a visit to Dario Cecchini's butcher shop and restaurant in Panzano in ...

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Venison: From Field to Freezer

I want to state right at the top that this post is going to have graphic images and descriptions of whole animal (deer) butchery. From right after slaughter in the field all the way through hanging, ...

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Butcher Block Time

Throughout my whole life in kitchens, there has always been one thing I’ve wanted to own. It wasn’t a sharp knife, fancy equipment, or even custom-engraved diamond plated knife steal that also ...

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Expand Your Knowledge of Beef Cuts

My thirst for knowledge definitely drives the curriculum here at The Chopping Block. Recently, I’ve been craving to learn more about using underutilized cuts of beef... not only for my own education, ...

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Take Matters Into Your Own Hands with our New Guide to Home Butchery

The meat case is one of the most confusing areas of the supermarket. You likely need the butcher's help deciphering the labels and identifying various cuts of meat in order to know what you are ...

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Hand Butchered Meat: A Dying Art Revived

I’m a true ‘Chicago culinary foodie geek’ and my husband Mark is a true ‘Chicago history buff geek,’ so sometimes our conversations result in amazing and interesting treasure hunts. We recently ...

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Porking Out in the Mile High City after our Whole Hog Class

As I've mentioned before, I spend a good chunk of the summer traveling. My other job takes me all over the country, and one of the things I always try to do is explore the culinary scene of the ...

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