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Platter Presentation and Table Display

Now that we are in the middle of holiday entertaining season, you may be busy planning a party. You'll want to consider decor and presentation, as well as the menu itself. I find platter presentation ...

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Food: Transforming America's Table, 1950-2000

Were you a "good eater" as a kid? If you weren't - how old were you when that finally changed?

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Three Healthy Resolutions for Food Lovers

Forty-five percent of people make resolutions every year, but only 8% keep them. The most common resolutions are health-focused such as lose weight and eat healthier. The reason people don’t follow ...

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Make a Celebration of the Simple Things

I think we all have our daily, weekly, monthly and annual traditions around the table. These are the moments that ground us and calm us: that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning while making a ...

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Egg Carpentry

After waiting for more than a year for my wife’s approval, and then another two months because someone got the last one in stock, I finally got to take my Big Green Egg home. Due to some prior ...

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All My Chefs

I've been with The Chopping Block five years this month. It's a good time to reflect on all the different chefs I've worked with and how they influence me. Sou Chefs John and Carrie always have their ...

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