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How Quarantining Taught my Kids to Cook

  Another Covid-19 quarantine day. Another dinner to plan. Ugh. It had started out with so much promise. Now that my state’s stay-at-home order had eliminated my daily Uber-mom driving duties, I ...

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Baking Bagels and More in Teen Baking and Pastry Camp

  Our five-day Teen Camp: Baking and Pastry is filled with fun and loads of information. The week is a complete baking experience for young pastry chefs as they navigate the world of quick breads, ...

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The Best Camp to Send Your Kids to this Summer

I feel the need to pre-empt this blog post by letting you know a little bit about what kind of person I am. I am one of those people who is honest and can’t even tell the tiniest of white lies ...

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Attack on Flavor

The state of food being fed to a vast majority to children these days in America is appalling. I am a product of growing up with the frozen, preservative-riddled food fresh from the isles of ...

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Cross Culture Kids and Teens

Our new Teens and Kids camps have gotten off to a creative start this summer! As instructor, I've decided to cross culture, music and food. There’s no denying that wherever food goes, music closely ...

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Last Call for Third Thursdays in the Square

If you have yet to visit Lincoln Square on a third Thursday of the month this summer, you have been missing out on a fun, vibrant, and interactive evening filled with farmer’s market fare, summer ...

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Kids in the Kitchen

Next week, we are opening our Lincoln Square kitchen to kids and teens who want to spend their summer learning how to cook. Our classes are a different option to the typical summer camp and will get ...

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