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How to Make and Use Preserved Lemons

  My first exposure to preserved lemons was when I worked at Café du Midi some 25 years ago. Café du Midi was a very special place to work, not just because of its amazing Mediterranean-influenced ...

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How to Make Perfectly Tossed Green Salads

A perfect tossed green salad — balanced, satisfying, well-dressed — is the mark of a great cook. When salads get overlooked or treated as a side, it really shows. But a perfectly made salad, with ...

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What is Eggs Mimosa? Tips for Making Deviled Eggs

I’ve only ever known a Deviled Egg to be just that, a Deviled Egg. An egg that has been fully boiled, shelled, split and stuffed with its own innards (yolk) that has been flavored with a host of ...

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Savoring Stock with Leftovers

Now that we know how to make our own homemade stock from scratch, we need something to make with it. A good stock can be used to increase the depth of sauces, add flavor to soups or my wife’s ...

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Palak PaWHAA?

I enjoy teaching Indian classes at The Chopping Block the most because of the aromas of all the spices being cooked in the kitchen. Plus, I like to EAT Indian food!

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Easy as Pie

It's pie season! Fresh berries are now at farmer's markets and they are calling to be tossed with a bit of sweetener and covered by a flaky, buttery crust with a hint of salt. Many people are ...

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