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3 Easy Tips to Make Grocery Shopping Simpler

I used to hate grocery shopping. I would go into the store thinking it would be a 15 minute trip and it would turn into 40 minutes. I would go in for two things but leave with a cart full, and ...

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CSA Boxes: A Beginner's Guide

  We all know that eating locally is the best option. We’ve been told that meals made with seasonal and organic ingredients are better for both the environment and our bodies. However, it's not ...

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Embracing Fall with NorPro’s Apple Master

Fall is often a mere blip in our city’s seasonal existence, before the long winter comes rolling in. Not this year! After a rather mild summer, Chicago is enjoying a slow, warm transition to fall. We ...

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The Summer of CSA and Farmers Market Inspiration

While the weather may not be cooperating, Chicagoans are ready for summer! We are pushing through the cold and rain to attend baseball games, concerts, festivals and farmer’s markets. Considering the ...

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Line Not Long Enough? Try Community Supported Fishing

The concept of “Community Supported” is everywhere these days. The one that is most familiar is Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, where individuals can buy a share of weekly or monthly goods ...

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Food Fraud

Earlier this year, it was reported that food fraud was up 60% from previous years. What is food fraud? Food fraud is when manufactures put fillers into food products without listing these additives ...

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Chicago's Food Deserts

This week marked Mayor Emmanuel's 100th day in office, so WBEZ's Eight Forty-Eight did a show on Tuesday about one of his administration's stated priorities: food deserts in Chicago.

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