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Savor Summer with Pickled Corn Relish

  If you’ve read some of my other blogs, then you know I enjoy preserving summer produce this time of year. All the greatest produce is in season right now, and I feel like I have a duty to can and ...

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Garden Salsa

  Our garden has exploded with tomatoes this year. We literally cannot eat them fast enough. When I counted 30 beautiful, bright red tomatoes on the counter, I knew it was time for salsa. On average, ...

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How to Make Jam without Pectin

I love to make jam; I’m sure in part because I used to watch my mom make it as a kid. Thinking about Mom in the kitchen brings back such fond memories. We primarily grew our own food when I was ...

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Canning Boot Camp: The Next Step of Preservation

  We did a lot of canning growing up. All four of us kids helped out: pitting cherries, snapping beans and shucking corn. My dad did the planting, and we all helped tend the gardens while my mom did ...

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Under Pressure: Pressure Canning for Advanced Preserving

Having homemade staples around the house, like stock or broth, marinara, barbecue sauce, or even precooked beans can make it so much easier for a home cook to whip up a quick meal on a whim. When you ...

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Avoid a Sugar Overload and Learn How to Can and Preserve Naturally

Refined sugar is public enemy number one today. So, what's a home cook who loves to can and preserve summer fruits and vegetables to do? Can the natural way!

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Easy Canning at Home: Making Savory Pepper Jelly

Our Summer Canning and Preserving class, which features a new menu, is coming up in a few weeks! Because it’s a new menu, I went ahead and tested a couple of the recipes to ensure they worked well, ...

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