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Garden Salsa

  Our garden has exploded with tomatoes this year. We literally cannot eat them fast enough. When I counted 30 beautiful, bright red tomatoes on the counter, I knew it was time for salsa. On average, ...

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How to Make Jam without Pectin

I love to make jam; I’m sure in part because I used to watch my mom make it as a kid. Thinking about Mom in the kitchen brings back such fond memories. We primarily grew our own food when I was ...

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Canning Boot Camp: The Next Step of Preservation

  We did a lot of canning growing up. All four of us kids helped out: pitting cherries, snapping beans and shucking corn. My dad did the planting, and we all helped tend the gardens while my mom did ...

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Under Pressure: Pressure Canning for Advanced Preserving

Having homemade staples around the house, like stock or broth, marinara, barbecue sauce, or even precooked beans can make it so much easier for a home cook to whip up a quick meal on a whim. When you ...

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Avoid a Sugar Overload and Learn How to Can and Preserve Naturally

Refined sugar is public enemy number one today. So, what's a home cook who loves to can and preserve summer fruits and vegetables to do? Can the natural way!

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Easy Canning at Home: Making Savory Pepper Jelly

Our Summer Canning and Preserving class, which features a new menu, is coming up in a few weeks! Because it’s a new menu, I went ahead and tested a couple of the recipes to ensure they worked well, ...

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The Story on Salt

Very few ingredients are as essential as salt. It opens up other flavors in savory dishes, and helps breads and pastries rise during baking. It’s the most important ingredient in preserving meats and ...

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Let's Talk Canning & Preserving

I love when The Chopping Block hosts live chats because it's just another way we try to engage with our customers. We've hosted several on Facebook over the past year focusing on specific topics or ...

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Pig Out on Bacon

Bacon is certainly not a new trend. You can find it in any food product from popcorn to mayonnaise to cookies these days. And despite the bad rap bacon gets among health enthusiasts, bacon continues ...

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Preserving the Spring

When I hear cooks talking about preserving the bounty of their garden, I often think of canning tomatoes, pickling beets, packing sweet corn in bags and of course, making apple butter. Those are all ...

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