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“Pimento” Sourdough Bites

  The sourdough craze has really taken off during the pandemic, perhaps because some people had more free time on their hands. Now that it's football season, I wanted to show off my newfound ...

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Pepper Season is On and Popping

  I’m a self-proclaimed hot pepper fiend. I love the addition of heat into both savory and sweet dishes. I’m the girl that carries hot sauce in her purse (just like Beyonce), just in case the need ...

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Each year, I co-host a Superbowl party that's more about the food than the actual football game. The tradition began years ago with a menu theme of "white trash". However, I'm friends with a bunch of ...

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The Year of Pimento Cheese

According to some guy named Meathead and the guy from Bon Appetit this is the Year of Pimento Cheese. It’s a coming trend that probably makes a lot of sense particularly in a place like Chicago, ...

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