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Laura S

Laura S
Laura Scherb is a food writer, photographer, and stylist in Chicago, IL. A native of Pittsburgh, she now lives in Evanston with her husband and two cats. Her work (and Substack!) can be found at www.pageandplate.com and she can be reached at laura@pageandplate.com.
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5 Ways to Win #foodstagram

Insta, insta on the wall, whose are the best food photos of them all? We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in front of a beautiful plate of food that you just put together on the patio at The ...

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5 Wines and What We’re Eating with Them this Summer

The days of showing up with a six pack of Bud Light and a half-eaten box of pizza are over. As we age, there’s a new obligation to bring something exciting. Something sophisticated. Something that ...

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10 Things You Should Grill before Winter Comes and it’s Too Late

As any good Game of Thrones fan (or Chicago resident) knows, winter is coming. Sure, you may be enjoying the most beautiful July day you’ve ever set eyes on, but you know that parka lurking in the ...

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You Don't Have to Be a Frequent Flyer to Explore Global Cuisine

Last week, when I landed at O’Hare and de-planed from a direct flight from Dublin, Ireland, it occured to me that I would never be able to summarize my week-long trip in a short enough amount of time ...

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‘Tis the Season: Cooking in Sync with the Weather

Someday, it will warm up. Someday, it will stop snowing. It has to, right? Right? Though the foreseeable forecast still casts a pall on my dreams of summer, I’m trying to look at the positives: ...

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Time to Sharpen those Knife Skills

Do you know how much you don’t know about knives? The answer, definitively, is that you don’t. But not to worry, you have plenty of time before prime vegetable season kicks in to enter into expert ...

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What are You Cooking for Valentine's Day? 

February is the month of love, and the pressure is on for the perfect Valentine’s Day for you and your love. Or just you. Or you and your Galentines. Or you and your cats. We’re not here to judge – ...

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Cook It or Book It: Is Deep Dish Pizza Worth the Dough?

When I moved to Chicago two years ago, I didn’t realize how much of my monthly budget would need to be devoted to deep dish pizza. There’s Lou’s, Pequods, Giordanos, The Art of Pizza... the list goes ...

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