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Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza at Home

Pizza just might be the most recognizable, if not most popular, food in the world! The market for frozen pizza in the U.S. alone is nearly $7 billion dollars with hundreds of brands and styles across ...

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Homemade Snacks: Goldfish Edition

Anyone who knows me, knows I love snacks. I also love recreating classic snacks from scratch. There’s something special about making wholesome food at home with simple ingredients, knowing exactly ...

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Discover the Timeless Delight of Flan

Flan, a luscious and creamy dessert, has been a beloved treat for centuries. Its rich history, unique texture, and delightful flavor make it a standout on any dessert menu. Join me on a journey ...

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Use Lard for a More Perfect Pie Crust

We find ourselves in the early stages of high summer. This unfortunate circumstance comes with many downsides if you live in upstate New York. Blistering temperatures (hotter every year!), air thick ...

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BBQ Hanger Steak Pizza on the Grill

Although I’m mostly retired from recreational softball, that’s how I met my wonderful friends Adam and Celine Kaleta. In addition to being teammates, we also share a love of good food – that’s how ...

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Four More Unique Egg Recipes

Well, here we are again! Nobody asked for it, but here is another egg obsession blog. I am always in search of new and different ways to prepare eggs. I admit my daily go-to styles are scrambled or ...

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Build-Your-Own Strata

When my daughter heads back to college in the fall, she will be living in an apartment with three of her friends. Because she won’t have the convenience of walking over to the dining hall for her ...

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Beat the Heat with these Five No-Cook Strategies

Summer is here! If you’re like me, you’re trying to put off installing your window units for as long as possible, and you’re searching desperately for any strategies that can support you in your ...

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Copycat Hooters Buffalo Shrimp

Hooters' Buffalo Shrimp is an iconic dish for good reason. The shrimp are perfectly coated in a crispy batter and tossed in a buttery buffalo sauce that is seriously lip-smacking delicious. The ...

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Seasonal Fruit and Jam-Making

Producing homemade jam is an experience that connects you with the farmers that grow seasonal produce, the process of working with that produce, and the joy of taking such delicious fruit and turning ...

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