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Spice Up your Weeknight Chicken

Most of our hands-on cooking classes at The Chopping Block focus on preparing several dishes which result in a delicious meal that our guests enjoy at the end of class. However, one question that we ...

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One Cut of Beef makes a Week's Worth of Meals

I like to think I am a pretty savvy grocery shopper. There are two ways to become one. 

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Smoke and the City

Food and fire. It’s primal; it’s a dance; it’s carbons bursting to life! It’s a skill. Taming live fire and manipulating it in such a way that the food you’ve placed on top of, beneath, or beside ...

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Sourdough Starter Tips for Beginners

  If you are like me, you’ve never made a sourdough starter nor cared for one. The responsibility of having something else besides my cat to feed did not seem like something I wanted to take on. I’ve ...

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Holy Mackerel: The Tinned Fish Craze

  A couple of months ago, our niece Vicki and her husband Josh went on vacation to Portugal. When they returned, they presented us with souvenir gifts, including several colorful cans of tinned fish.

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Crossroads Diner at Cellar Door Provisions

One of my favorite classes at The Chopping Block is our Sushi Workshop because I absolutely have loved sushi for as long as I can remember. In fifth grade, I brought sushi to school for lunch, and my ...

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Apple Whiskey Bread

  If you’ve been in either of our stores in the colder months, October to March, you know that we love Journeyman’s Old Country Goodness (OCG). It’s an apple whiskey liqueur that's made with local ...

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Simply Satisfying Salmon Marinades

  Salmon is one of my favorite fish options whenever I go out to dinner. Normally, I am quite satisfied with my selection, and I am often left wanting more but when I went out to eat a couple of ...

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You Don’t Have to Go to Nashville to Get this Hot Chicken

  As a chef I try to keep myself informed of the current food trends. Kombucha, oat milk, Japanese fusion and the plant-based “meat” movement are just a few of the things that have been blowing up ...

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Top Three Wedding Registry Mistakes

  Congratulations! You’re tying the knot and it's time to register. Never before have you noticed all of the wonderful, and expensive goodies in a kitchen you never knew you always wanted. As someone ...

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