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Cure Your Own Salmon

I love cured meats of all types: hot smoked ham, prosciutto, bresaola, cured salmon, all manner of dried salumi. It’s my intention to walk you through the many types of cured meats you can make at ...

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Don't Have a Pasta Machine? Make Chiusoni

Pasta Workshop is one of my favorite classes to teach at The Chopping Block. Students are always so engaged in the pasta making and want to continue on with it outside of the classroom. Since most ...

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Getting the Most from Your Meat: A Cookbook Guide

In fine dining circles, being very into meat has fallen a bit out of fashion. It’s much cooler at the moment to have a maniacal focus on vegetables or seafood—particularly fish[1]. I bet if you ...

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Orange Crisps

“Citrus Season” is considered to be December through April, so we are smack in the midst of it right now – and does my kitchen ever show it! We have everything from Clementines and Ruby Red ...

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Wine Vocabulary 201

A wine vocabulary helps you communicate aspects that you enjoy in wine and maybe some you don’t. Most modern winespeak is easy, such as the term ‘rich’, meaning a wine that’s rich in flavor and ...

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Resolving to Save More at the Grocery Store

It’s January, and I know that a lot of us are in the midst of New Year’s resolutions. For some, it’s eating healthier, or exercising more, quitting smoking, or drinking less. Maybe you think New ...

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Sous Vide and What It’s All About

With sous vide becoming a more accessible kitchen tool, I feel it is often seen as the one method home cooks should use to cook anything, and the truth is, it isn’t. While you technically could cook ...

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Cheese Sauce 2.0: Sodium Citrate

Have you ever attempted making cheese sauce at home and found it to be a bit of a kitchen challenge? In a world where gluten allergies are on the rise, using a roux isn’t always my go to. And often ...

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Everything You Need to Know about Yeast

Making bread dough can be a bit intimidating at first, especially when you don’t know what yeast to use.

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Liquid Gold: Cooking with Tallow

In a previous blog, Making Sense of Cooking Fats, I briefly touch on one of my favorite fats for cooking: tallow. Tallow is rendered beef fat from the kidney and other fatty areas of the steer. ...

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