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How to Fill Your Lunch Break

Amanda M
Posted by Amanda M on May 25, 2017


No matter how many to-do lists I make, I can’t seem to be productive on my lunch break. It is as if my brain is in work mode, and personal administration work just cannot be mixed. So, I go on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, you know, the usual Millennial time fillers. Sometimes I read a book or talk to coworkers. But even then, I usually still have time to kill. But last week, I was asked to attend one of The Chopping Block's lunchtime demonstration classes and my time was never used so wisely!

Lunch Break: The Perfect Pair is a 45 minute demonstration class beginning at noon, where the chef cooks in front of you while teaching you how to prepare the meal you get to enjoy at the end (it was one of the best lunch breaks I have ever had). On the menu that day was Cubano Sandwiches and Black Bean Soup. First we started with the soup to allow it to sit and bubble up more flavor than we could have ever imagined in such a short time. At the end when we put together our Cubano sandwiches.

Black Bean Soup

Chef Maria Clementi first added mayo on one side, mustard on the other, then the ham, Swiss cheese and pork. Then it was time to grill! She used two Lodge cast iron pans, one with melted butter to place the sandwiches on and the other to place on top and to create a griddle effect. The air was filled with the smell of melting cheese and butter, and everyone’s stomachs were rumbling at this point.

Maria Slices Pork

Then it was time to eat! She added avocado, sour cream, cilantro and tortilla chips to our soup and served us a perfect griddled and melty cheese Cuban sandwich. I luckily had half of a sandwich left over for dinner that night, unfortunately, it didn’t make it pass 4pm. It was delicious, and I just couldn’t wait! On my lunch break that day, I learned how to make a meal in less than an hour and had one of the tastiest lunches!

cuban sandwich

We are offering Lunch Break: The Perfect Pair today (Thursday, May 25) at our Merchandise Mart location at noon. Chef Sara Salzinski will be cooking up Tortilla Soup and Cheese and Roasted Poblano Quesadillas. Hurry and sign-up now before all of the seats fill. There's only 3 left! 

If you can't make it today, check out our other demonstration cooking classes in June at the Mart. We also offer Taco Tuesdays every week!



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