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A Kebab, a Calzone and a Pita Walk into a Bar

  I just got back from a whirlwind vacation across Europe, gorging my way through five countries before rolling into Istanbul. Ahhh Istanbul--land of lamb chops so pink that even Mary would have had ...

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Focaccia: Bread Baking with the Seasons

Why wait until the cooler months when you can enjoy freshly baked, seasonal bread to accompany your summer soirées? You should bake bread this summer!

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Eat a Pita: How to Make Homemade Pita Bread

  Isn't homemade, fresh bread always better than anything you can find in the store? That's a rhetorical question. I have been thinking about making fresh pita bread for some time now, and I finally ...

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Best French Toast Ever

That's a pretty big claim. I can think of a hundred different ways to make a crazy-delicious French Toast. But this one is my absolute favorite. It is simple but incorporates a special little twist ...

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Starbucks' Copycat Muesli Bread

  Whenever the New Year rolls around I always have my fair share of “resolutions.” Lose weight is always the number one year after year, but after that, at least for the month of January, I like to ...

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Are you ready to get Bread-y? Top Tools for the Home Baker

  Cold weather outside means it’s time to wake up your oven and warm up with some fresh, homemade bread. Bread making can be intimidating, but with the right tools and a few helpful tips, you’ll be ...

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A Holiday Horn Of Plenty: The Cornucopia

The cornucopia, a symbol of abundance and nourishment used to grace many a Thanksgiving table but seems to have fallen on hard times these days. Be it made of bread, woven wicker or something a ...

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Bread Baking 101: Skillet Bread

  I consider myself to be more of a cook than a baker. And that’s mostly because I love savory food over sweet food. So when I bake, I mostly make bread. Now I know working with yeast can be ...

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Make Focaccia to Use Up Extra Food

Focaccia is a simple, rustic and versatile bread that can stand alone, or as accompaniment to soups and sandwich fillings. It’s one of my favorite recipes because it’s a great way of using what you ...

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Life Lessons in Bread Baking

If you read my last post you already know that I have a new found love of baking bread. There is just something very cathartic and meditative about the entire process. Something happens when I’m ...

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