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The Quest for the Best Bloody Mary

I love summer in Chicago. Admittedly, and not surprisingly, a large part of my affinity for Chicago’s summer has to do with food. I love the variety of food at street fests (Burger Fest is my ...

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Bubbly Cocktails Can Brighten Your January

  In the day and age of the fancy cocktail, I must admit: I am not a big cocktail person. I love the idea of a cocktail, a civilized way to end the day and ease into the evening, surrounded with ...

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Crema de Vie is No Store-Bought Eggnog

I feel like eggnog is something that people either love or hate, like mushrooms or tequila. Personally, I was optimistic when I had my first taste of seasonal, store-bought eggnog. I opened the lid, ...

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Pina Coladas and Mai Tais Make for a Great Cocktail Party

This past Independence Day weekend was finally a taste of summer weather – sunny days and cool nights. What better way to take advantage of time off and great weather than a cocktail party on the ...

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New Craft Spirits Program Serves Vodka Perfect for Moscow Mules

I know it's not grammatically correct, but it's a solid question: how do you vodka? I like to vodka cheap, strong, with soda water and maybe a little bit of citrus. Perhaps you like to vodka with ...

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Sip One of our Favorite Summer Cocktails: Pina Colada

As a pastry chef, sugar is just kind of what I do. Whether it's creamed with butter, spun into sticky clouds of cotton candy, pulled into colorful confections, sprinkled on cupcakes, or burned into a ...

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All You Can Eat

You’re probably looking at me thinking, ‘Dang, that girl looks like she knows her buffets!’ While most people would consider that an insult, in my case I gladly welcome the assumption. I love ...

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Hawaiian Wedding: Part Two

The rehearsal dinner for my friend's wedding in Hawaii went smoothly. Next up, pulling off the cocktail reception and wedding dinner.

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Rules for Traveling (& Eating & Drinking) Abroad

I’ve always considered myself a meat and potatoes type of girl. I like a really hearty, comforting meal that includes my star player, the potato.

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Brandied Cherries Come Full Circle

Last fall I wrote a blog about preserving the deliciousness of summer cherries for use at a later date. Now, that time has come.

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