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After finishing his chef apprenticeship at the House of Commons Canada, Nicholas toured around his home country working some of Canada's top restaurants, hotels and institutions. From there his interests lead him to a butchery and charcuterie apprenticeship in France. A true Canadian at heart, he moved to Chicago for the love of his life and now has the amazing opportunity to share his skills and passions at The Chopping Block.

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The Easiest Summer Appetizer: Parmesan Crisps

As the summer season begins, so too does entertaining season. One of the more frequent questions I get from students is about appetizers. Everyone seems to be a “deer caught in headlights” about the ...

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The Humble Carrot

The humble carrot is one of the many vegetables that we buy without thought. It's used ubiquitously in a recipe as a way of highlighting or supporting other flavors. It serves its purpose as being a ...

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The How-To on Honing Your Knife

                                                                 I would bet that at this very moment one of the most important kitchen tools is hiding in your house, shoved in the back of some ...

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FYI: What You Need to Know about the Meat You Eat the Most

The humble chicken - the meat you eat the most, and probably spend the least time contemplating. As animal domestication became predominant in our food history, chicken has been highlighted in almost ...

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Making Extracts: The Essentials

  Extract (noun): a preparation containing the active ingredient of a substance in a concentrated form.

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The Simple Way to Cook a Simple Steak

One of our more popular classes at The Chopping Block is Steakhouse DIY. Many of our students sign up for this class for the simple reason that cooking a steak at home can be a terrifying experience. ...

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The One Chef Everyone Should Know

                              It is impossible to begin to teach people how to cook without referencing something or someone from the past, whether it be a technique, a recipe or enlightened culinary ...

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Just the Tip: How to Fix a Broken Knife Edge

After having taught more than a few Knife Skills classes here at The Chopping Block, there’s one constant question I’m asked during the “How to sharpen a knife” portion of the class: What do you do ...

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When Good Things Go Bad: The Art of Vinegar

  In general, when things spoil within the realm of food and cooking, it is seen as a negative thing. “Controlled spoilage” however, is the creation of some of life’s greatest and tastiest foods. ...

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