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Sarah is a Retail Trainer with The Chopping Block. She is also an avid reader, eater, and sports fan who is working to hone her skills in the kitchen. One of her favorite aspects of working at The Chopping Block is picking up tips and tricks from the culinary pros each and every day!

Recent Posts

Poke - An Appetizer with a Hawaiian Flair

I always find new dishes to love when I travel and my recent trip was no exception. Last month, I was in Hawaii for a wedding and one of the appetizers we were served became my new favorite dish: ...

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Easy Summer Entertaining

Once a week I get together with friends for food, drinks and silly reality shows. We all bring a dish to share, and I usually use it as an opportunity to try out a new recipe on my very patient ...

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An Adventure in Frying Cheese Curds

Some days, things just fall into place.

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Rock the Rolls and Make Your Own Bread for Meatball Subs

I’m making meatball subs this week. You may think that meatball subs are strikingly similar to my sausage and peppers, but this is entirely different. This time, I also baked the rolls!

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Kitchen Experimental

I have been trying out a bunch of new recipes lately – a Mediterranean twist on mac and cheese, some new sauce recipes, and a brownie garnished with sea salt – which have helped me to develop some ...

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