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Cara Blackledge joined The Chopping Block team as an Events and Outreach Coordinator after being in Chicago for only 8 months. Being from the south, her cooking style is very much southern. But with a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure, she is continuously learning ways to make healthier meals while keeping that delicious southern flavor. Her set of Chicago friends enjoy throwing her in the kitchen for house gatherings. While cooking isn’t her favorite pastime, it is something she enjoys and does at least twice a week. But being new to the city, Cara has set a mission to try at least 4 new restaurants a month. When not in exploring her new city, she travels back to New Orleans and Alabama to visit family and friends, but she enjoys traveling in general. She says new experiences are necessary for her sanity.
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Red Beans and Rice with Fried Chicken

  After returning from New Orleans on a Monday morning, I decided to make red beans and rice that night. Everyone knows Monday is red beans and rice day! 

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What to Do When You are Gifted Squash

  I recently walked into work to find a beautiful long squash on my desk. My mind immediately went to thinking it was a prank by one of my coworkers, because they do silly things from time to time. ...

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Family Cooking isn't Always Pretty, but it can be Delicious

  With a family of six, my oldest sister cooks about four times a week. While her cooking ranges from challenging to easy, I liked one of her recent meals because it was delicious, the kids were able ...

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What does a Southerner Cook in the Summer?

  I am ready for my first “Summertime Chi” as a Chicago resident, and the persistant cold weather is finally gone. However, we can still expect some cool nights so in anticipation of those with the ...

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