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Erin P

Erin P
Erin Patsiopoulos began her career as a chemist, but took a a few fun detours and ended up in the kitchen instead. After years as an Executive Pastry Chef in the luxury hotel industry, Erin has now found a new home as a Chef Instructor at The Chopping Block where she loves passing on her love of all things carbohydrate. As a full-time working mom of a toddler, Erin's latest ongoing kitchen adventures center on "getting that kid to eat!"

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A Better Butter

Years ago I visited a friend living in Ireland. We spent days bumping down country roads in broken-down buses, drank gallons of cider, and hours drying out our rain-soaked everything. I loved the ...

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Ring in the New Year Greek Style

Growing up there were a lot of different things I loved about the New Year holiday. As a child, it was watching the ball drop and banging pots and pans in the street at the stroke of midnight. As a ...

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10 Tips for Doing Your Holiday Baking Like a Pro

It's holiday baking time, the season where it's perfectly acceptable to fill our kitchens with cookies, cupcakes, candy and pies. Whether you are baking for a crowd or just a very special someone, ...

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It's Bread Baking and Pumpkin Season

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year - time to dust off those hearty comfort food recipes that have been lying neglected since the thermometer crossed that 50 degree line back in the spring. ...

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A Slice of Spice Pie

I love pie. Sweet, savory, fruity, meaty, I love 'em all. There is no such thing as pie season, pie is for every season. One of these days I'll get around to making a "Pie of the Month" calendar, but ...

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A Pretty Pickle: How to Pickle Grapes

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Imperfect Produce Makes Perfect Frozen Treats

Professional chefs have a lot of rules they live by. Three of the most famous are probably:

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Sip One of our Favorite Summer Cocktails: Pina Colada

As a pastry chef, sugar is just kind of what I do. Whether it's creamed with butter, spun into sticky clouds of cotton candy, pulled into colorful confections, sprinkled on cupcakes, or burned into a ...

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Vegan Desserts can be Delicious

What do you think of when you read the phrase "delicious dessert"? Sugar, for sure. Chocolate, perhaps? Butter? How far down your mental list would you have to go before you thought of anything with ...

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At Home in the Kitchen

This time of year always reminds me of my initial decision to move to Chicago. I had lofty expectations for food adventures in the big city - I would eat at the best restaurants, I would sip fabulous ...

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