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Jess is a Class Assistant Trainer at The Chopping Block. She is originally from the South Side of Chicago, and she is a devoted White Sox baseball fan. When she isn't assisting a class or private party, she is most likely in her kitchen creating new flavor combinations and recipes. Her love for food is equally matched by her love for people, and that is her favorite part about working for The Chopping Block- bringing people together to connect, create and enjoy!

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Wintertime is Chili Time

December is one of my favorite months. It's the last month of the year, my birthday month, there are holidays are being celebrated, and then there's the start of winter. This year, meteorological ...

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The Endless Variations of Homemade Vinaigrettes

Making food from scratch versus buying prepared products has so many advantages: not only do you have more appreciation for the finished product but you'll enjoy the process of creating it. You can ...

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Make Buttery Dinner Rolls This Thanksgiving

It’s not only fall and bread-making season, but it’s almost time for Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday, and that is probably because of the giant feast I get to prepare and indulge in. The ...

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The Amazing Roasted Red Pepper

"That's my favorite smell, and I want it in a candle!"

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The Poblano Pepper Challenge: One Pepper, Three Different Dishes

Every now and then it’s good to challenge yourself, and this is especially true in the kitchen. This challenge can vary from kitchen to kitchen, but it can perhaps look like this:

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Let's Call it Toad in a Hole for Brunch

Back in seventh grade home economics class, I learned a classic way to prepare eggs: dropped into a piece of bread with a hole in it on a frying pan! Over the years, I have learned from various ...

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Dough by Hand

If you're in a cooking class or private party that I happen to be assisting at The Chopping Block, you will more than likely hear me say, "The best tools in the kitchen are your hands!"

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I Fell in Love with Fried Oysters in Seattle

I have always loved the East Coast, specifically Cape Cod, where I would travel every summer. Some of my favorite moments back on the Cape are mostly food-related: fresh oysters, chowder, salt water ...

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