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Joel Huss is a class assistant at The Chopping Block and has had a dedication to food since his first pie came out of the oven when he was fourteen years old. This lead him to attend Johnson and Wales University where he earned a Culinary Arts degree, and spring boarded his career into fine dining kitchens. Joel brings his knowledge of fine dining hospitality as well as an appreciation for rustic cooking to The Chopping Block, as he also worked on a guest ranch as their primary back country cook. Joel believes that cooking is one of the most fundamental expressions of love human beings can give to one another, and that families and couples who cook together share incredibly deep personal connections. “A family who cooks together, eats together, and cleans up together, at least a few times a week, is a loving, caring, healthy family.” Joel uses his position at The Chopping Block to encourage every student to cook more often at home, and become less intimidated by cooking.

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