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The Story on Salt

Very few ingredients are as essential as salt. It opens up other flavors in savory dishes, and helps breads and pastries rise during baking. It’s the most important ingredient in preserving meats and ...

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Grillin’ and Chillin’

I really give my grill a good workout this time of year. But I haven't always had a love affair with my grill.

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A Chef's Tools of the Trade

As a chef, there are always tools that you simply cannot live without. They become the tools of your trade, just like the tools that a plumber, carpenter, electrician or anyone performing a craft ...

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Cinco de Mayo

Today isn’t just an excuse for you to go out and have a pitcher of margaritas with your friends. Cinco de Mayo is also a chance for you to celebrate my birthday. Really, it’s my birthday! So, I ...

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A Little Spice is Nice

When I first started cooking, my spice repertoire consisted of very few flavorings. Sure there was salt and pepper, onion power and garlic salt, and the classic Puerto Rican spices (Sazon and Adobo) ...

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Do You Really Know What's in Your Food?

I have recently started cooking a low iodine diet for one of my clients, and wow is that stuff in all sorts of things you wouldn't think of. As someone who constantly has to read labels for my own ...

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Meat Lovers: Beef Up your Holiday Tradition

A typical Christmas dinner at the Miller household usually consists of roast turkey and traditional fixings. That's because my family is literally spread all over the world, and we aren't able to ...

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Get Yourself to West Loop Salumi

My friend Sarah is the Domestic Cheese Buyer at Fromaggio South End in Boston. Being all work and no play, when she visited for the holiday weekend, we ended up on an adventure on Randolph Street, ...

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Nothing Can Beat a Good Beet

I love beets. Roasted, pickled, boiled, juiced, give them all to me! Not only are they a delicious vegetable, they are packed with many vitamins and minerals (fiber, iron, folic acid, vitamins A, B & ...

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Just Like Oprah: A Few of my Favorite Things

In honor of last month's post about Kream Mustard, I'm doing my best Oprah impression and sharing a few of my “favorite things” that we carry in our retail stores. The method behind what we carry ...

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