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Kristin is a lover of cats, coffee shops and all things culinary, in no particular order. In fact, she dreams of owning a cat-friendly caffeine hut one day which she plans to call Whiskers & Java… look out for it. As for now, Kristin spends her days as a Class Assistant at The Chopping Block, a position that has her constantly learning more about the culinary world and the snazzy stuff in it. Having performed her undergrad at the University of Illinois with a degree in Molecular Biology, Kristin plans to attend graduate school next fall to receive her Masters and PhD in Human Nutrition. With the arsenal of delicious recipes learned from TCB, she enjoys recreating vegetarian versions of the dishes at home, a task her roommates seem to enjoy. Kristin is thrilled with the opportunity to blog about quirky health things and hopes you enjoy reading!

Recent Posts

Experience Paris in Chicago with Crêpes

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I woke up on Saturday morning knowing two things for certain: one, we were ravenous; two, neither of us felt like dirtying up, or rather cleaning up, egg-soaked sauté ...

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Cooking Gives Back to the Community

Knowing that I’m obsessed with all things food, my friends will sometimes ask me if the meals I cook for myself are epic. I’ll think about it for a second, knowing the answer I’m about to tell them ...

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Crema de Vie is No Store-Bought Eggnog

I feel like eggnog is something that people either love or hate, like mushrooms or tequila. Personally, I was optimistic when I had my first taste of seasonal, store-bought eggnog. I opened the lid, ...

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Give the Gift of Cooking with Gift Cards

As you start to think about your holiday gift list, you may be overwhelmed trying to come up the perfect present. Maybe you know someone's favorite store, but have no idea what to pick out within it. ...

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Scared of Sugar? Try these Healthy Halloween Treats

So this whole Halloween thing has me wondering… who was it that decided that the requirements for Halloween treats had to be either sugary, buttery, or both sugary and buttery? My teeth just ...

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