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A Twist and a “Roll” on Thanksgiving Leftovers

  I am going to admit something that could get me into trouble. I don’t really like Thanksgiving turkey. In fact, I actually dislike it. I much prefer a roasted chicken with its crispy skin and ...

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Roast Chicken: Flavor for Days

When it comes to cooking for two, nothing is more attractive than a meal that can be stretched. It's for this reason that when the weather starts to cool down, I roast a whole chicken almost weekly. ...

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Meat Lovers: Beef Up your Holiday Tradition

A typical Christmas dinner at the Miller household usually consists of roast turkey and traditional fixings. That's because my family is literally spread all over the world, and we aren't able to ...

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Soup's On

Whether we like it or not, winter is approaching quickly. Here in Chicago, it seems to come way too early and last way too long. So with that, we find ourselves coping by finding the silver linings, ...

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Food Exchange

“What’s for dinner?” is the five o’clock question heard around every home. I think we can all relate.

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Lucky Number One: Part 2

I promised in my last blog to follow up with a few more recipes and ideas for cooking for one. So here goes!

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Home Cooking for Two

I often hear people say it’s hard to cook interesting food for one or just two, but for many years, I’ve found recipes and food ideas that work for any number of people. It’s really a matter of ...

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Refresh Your Leftovers

Here at The Chopping Block, we often end up with all sorts of leftovers. Sometimes our private events yield a little more than our guests can enjoy in an evening. So, we do our best to utilize those ...

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