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Time to Sharpen those Knife Skills

Do you know how much you don’t know about knives? The answer, definitively, is that you don’t. But not to worry, you have plenty of time before prime vegetable season kicks in to enter into expert ...

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What I've Learned at Chicago's Premier Recreational Cooking School

I used to consider myself a pretty good cook. Like a lot of us, I learned by standing by my mother’s side in the kitchen. Her way with ingredients and flavors were a launchpad into my own world full ...

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What's in your Knife Drawer?

Sometimes you just never know what you’re going to find in those less-frequently accessed corners of your kitchen drawers. In our case, it was the discovery of knives made by a family whose ...

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How to Get your Husband to Cook

One thing I believe is that so many of us could not do the work we enjoy doing so much without the support of our loved ones. I know for certain that is true for me. Without my husband’s support of ...

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The Humble Carrot

The humble carrot is one of the many vegetables that we buy without thought. It's used ubiquitously in a recipe as a way of highlighting or supporting other flavors. It serves its purpose as being a ...

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The How-To on Honing Your Knife

I would bet that at this very moment one of the most important kitchen tools is hiding in your house, shoved in the back of some miscellaneous drawer. That hunk of steel with a handle on it, that you ...

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A Quiz for your Knife Skills

Can you name each of these knives?

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5 Cooking Tools That Will Work Hard for You

Stocking your kitchen with the right tools can be a daunting task. There are a lot of resources to consider, places to shop for cooking tools, and it can all get a little overwhelming. Plus if you’re ...

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Just the Tip: How to Fix a Broken Knife Edge

After having taught more than a few Knife Skills classes here at The Chopping Block, there’s one constant question I’m asked during the “How to sharpen a knife” portion of the class: What do you do ...

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Creamy Soups: Hold the Cream

Fall is synonymous with soup. The possibilities are almost endless, and there is nothing quite as comforting. As the weather gets colder, a warm thick soup is just the ticket! We all love a creamy ...

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