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Take Matters Into Your Own Hands with our New Guide to Home Butchery

  The meat case is one of the most confusing areas of the supermarket. You likely need the butcher's help deciphering the labels and identifying various cuts of meat in order to know what you are ...

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Ground Turkey, The New Ground Beef

  I’ve been trying to eat healthier the past couple of months, so I decided to introduce ground turkey breast meat into my diet. On one hand, it wasn’t that difficult of a decision to make, most of ...

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Beef: It's Wellington for Dinner

I was talking to my brother on the phone recently, and he started asking me a bunch of questions on how to make Beef Wellington. He had seen a video online and decided he would give it a try. This is ...

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Me, Stew and Ragu

When I saw the menu for our Stews and Ragus class at the Merchandise Mart last week, I couldn’t help but cross my fingers and hope there were still seats available! Let me just say, I lucked out and ...

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Fourth Food Safety

Tomorrow is America's birthday! What better way is there to celebrate our nation's independence than by throwing a birthday bash on the grill?

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From the Grind to the Grill

You know that almost indescribable moment when you first bite into a burger and you’re immediately transported to another world? I hope you‘ve had the pleasure of experiencing this burger nirvana, ...

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Chinese Hot Pot: Wintery Warmth

Spring officially started a week ago, yet one glance at the frozen tundra that is Chicago, and you’d think it was February. That means my brain is stuck on foods that foster wintery warmth, rather ...

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Feast on Korean Food

My family and I recently experienced a true Korean feast made with love by friends. The company was delightful, their hospitality went above and beyond, and the food blew us away. I learned they had ...

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A Le Creuset Love Affair

It’s almost embarrassing, yet I can’t stop talking about it; at work, with friends and even at home. I try to catch myself but it is so blissful to speak about my new love. I find myself day dreaming ...

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Ringing in the New Year with Le Creuset

The number one item on my wish list this past holiday season was a Le Creuset pot. Ever since I joined The Chopping Block a little over a year ago, I have become enamored with Le Creuset. I never ...

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