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What Do a Thousand Dollars Taste Like?

A few weeks ago, my coworker ever-so-casually called me into his office with a wine question. He told me that someone had given him a bottle of wine, and that Google had told him it was expensive. ...

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Shoot to Thrill

Every week that goes by, the bar of standards for our teen camps gets raised. Each week, the teens show more of an effort to beat out last week’s competition. It is the undeniable amount of work and ...

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Game Time

Have you grown tired of the same old cookout foods? Bored with the typical burgers, brats, hot dogs, chicken breast and the predictable steak thrown in for special occasions? A simple and delicious ...

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Healthy Grilling Guide

Give your stove and microwave a much-needed vacation and get grilling! June 20th marked the official first day of summer and there’s no denying that grilling is one of the best parts of the season. ...

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Help! My Dinner Needs an Ambulance

Have you ever felt that your meal was, well…. lifeless? Have you ever sat down to dinner and realized that the finished product had “flat lined”? If so, you’re not alone! Don’t be embarrassed because ...

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Bula, Fiji (Part 1)

In case any of you do not know, I LOVE my job! Not only do I love going to work every day, but to make it even better, in January 2011 I was voted Employee of the Year 2010 by my co-workers. The ...

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Where’s the Beef? Argentina!

I recently had the great pleasure of visiting South America with my husband and two of our friends, Kent and Tanya. We spent a short time in Buenos Aires, a few days in Mendoza and a couple more days ...

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No Recipe Needed

I am not sure that I could say exactly when I developed my love for cooking, but I am sure that being surrounded by my mother and 2 grandmothers that loved to cook certainly helped. I have fond ...

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Dog Fight

I am about to commit blasphemy, at the risk of being thrown out of Chicago. But here goes: I don't like Chicago hot dogs. I don't even like most of the ingredients on their own (save mustard), let ...

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A Braising Vessel the Germans Love: Should We Carry It?

I need your help! As the buyer for The Chopping Block, many of our vendors send me samples of new products they want us to try out and hopefully carry. We field test every item we carry on our retail ...

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