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Cho Sun Ok: Korean Barbeque Beauty

I have recently discovered another favorite restaurant spot in Chicago that offers delicious food, table-side preparation, huge portions, fair prices, and it’s BYOB.

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Meat Lovers: Beef Up your Holiday Tradition

A typical Christmas dinner at the Miller household usually consists of roast turkey and traditional fixings. That's because my family is literally spread all over the world, and we aren't able to ...

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Get Yourself to West Loop Salumi

My friend Sarah is the Domestic Cheese Buyer at Fromaggio South End in Boston. Being all work and no play, when she visited for the holiday weekend, we ended up on an adventure on Randolph Street, ...

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And, I Would Do Anything for Meatloaf

Oh wait, you thought I meant the singer “Meatloaf?” No, not him. I mean the dish that is super delish! Now that the seasons are changing to a colder climate, I am eating heavier foods, much like the ...

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Grass Fed Goodness: The Perfect Ribeye Steak

Summertime means grilling time. I love afternoons or evenings of good friends, good music and good food. When it comes to grilling, there is nothing more tantalizing than the aroma of grass fed beef ...

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Food & Wine Extravaganza

I had dinner with an old friend last week... along with 22 students of The Chopping Block. Scott Noorman and I had the luxury and pleasure of entertaining our guests with a lovely five-course meal ...

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Slow and Low

Earlier this month, I wondered where winter was. Now that it's here, I'm ready to enjoy some of my favorite comfort foods made by slow roasting and braising. In Chicago we call this thickening our ...

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Tailgating Time

Dust off your favorite hoodie, put on your fan gear like it's the latest fashion trend and get ready for some good old fashioned tailgating action. We are now into week 8 of football season. It is ...

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Southern Fried Vacation: A Memoir (Part One)

Hey Y’all!

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Urban Pig Roast

The idea of a pig roast might conjure up images of a rural farm or some picnic area surrounded by wilderness and campsites. But the City of Chicago is a GREAT place to enjoy a whole pig party.

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