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Which Country has the World’s Healthiest Diet?

  Have you heard of The Blue Zones?  A few years ago, author Dan Buettner published a book of the same name where he researched 5 regions of the world where people not only lived longer than the ...

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Cookies for Breakfast

I have a really bad habit of mismanaging my time before heading off to work or some other engagement. I will get into a productive mode that is hard to detach from, which then means a rush to get out ...

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Resist the Drive-Thru in Favor of Quick Healthy Meals

All I wanted to do was pull up to the bright light, speak my order into the backlit menu, order a burger and fries, then sit on the couch and relax. I’m just like you, but my schedule fluctuates: ...

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Grocery Shopping for Summer: What’s in a Bodybuilder’s Fridge?

  As a personal trainer, I work with lots of people who want to lose weight. No matter how hard and how often you exercise, if you aren’t eating in accordance to your goals, you aren’t going to have ...

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Why Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping Doesn’t Have to Be a Nutritional Nightmare

As often as we find BOGO deals for junk food, it still comes as a surprise that so many nutritional foods are actually fairly cheap and budget friendly. Knowing what to shop for and when to buy is ...

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Go-To Formulas for Clean Eating on a Weeknight

Many of my clean eating cooking class students express the same desire to me: they want to be able to just open their fridge and cook a delicious, healthy meal from what they have on hand, without ...

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DIY Granola

  There are lots of great store-bought granolas, but one of my favorite simple pleasures in life is warm granola. Fresh from the oven and filling the room with a smell I can only describe as “warm ...

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Weary of Water? Infuse It for Flavor

  In my quest to live a healthier lifestyle, I decided to cut out almost all soft drinks and juices out of my life and drink a lot more water. In the beginning that was such a struggle for me because ...

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3 Tips to Enjoy a Meal for Digestive Health

    The easiest way to avoid processed food is to cook your meals at home. At The Chopping Block, we teach you how to do that in our cooking classes and private events by working with quality, fresh ...

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Eat Healthy During the Holidays

To me, holiday meals are all about quality—sharing the best meal you can with the best people you know. It’s not about having the most complicated dishes, the most expensive ingredients, the most ...

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