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Simply Satisfying Salmon Marinades

Salmon is one of my favorite fish options whenever I go out to dinner. Normally, I am quite satisfied with my selection, and I am often left wanting more but when I went out to eat a couple of weeks ...

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Mussel into Fall

Last weekend a good friend of mine decided that we should have dinner at one of her favorite spots. I hurried and threw together an outfit, and raced out the door to make our reservation at Moe’s ...

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Poor Man's Lobster Rolls

I was such a picky eater growing up. I remember summers at my grandparents’ house in Virginia. My grandpa would go crabbing and bring home bushels of crabs that my grandma would then boil in giant ...

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Finally Letting Go of Summer to Welcome Fall Food

Although fall is my favorite season of the year, it’s still really difficult to say goodbye to summer. The things I love most about fall are the colors, flavors, smells, spices and crisp weather and, ...

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The Argument for Returning to the Same Place on Vacation

Last week I went to San Francisco and the coast with a dear friend, and we had some of the most fantastic food of our lives. But here's the kicker that might raise an eyebrow or two: of the handful ...

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Challenge Yourself to Utilize Your Fridge This Week

As a meal planner, after I get home from the grocery store every Saturday, my fridge is pretty spotless – ready to tackle the week!

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Cioppino: The Perfect Seafood Lovers Stew

Fall and winter are two of my favorite seasons. The meals during these times tend to be a bit heartier, comforting and warming. Those seasonal meals deliver the perfect warming hug to help get you ...

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Sophisticated French Food Made Easy

There’s something magical about garlic, cream, white wine and fresh herbs. Maybe it’s because when you simmer them together they play a beautiful ballad. Perhaps it’s simplicity at its best. Maybe… ...

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Supper in a Snap

There are often times I come home at the end of the day and go on a search through my pantry and refrigerator. I want something delicious for dinner, however the search usually ends pretty quickly ...

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Finding Fresh Fish

Growing up, summer started when Dad brought home the first catch. Striped bass grilled in foil over a bed of sliced zucchini and summer squash was and still is a staple for family dinners. This would ...

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