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“Andiamo Per Bacari” with Italian Cicchetti

  Ah, Venezia! It’s quiet, cobbled streets hide a secret world of ancient beauty, romance and divine eats! Even as a repeat visitor, I’m constantly lost in its back alleys of mouldering palaces and ...

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This Italian Family's Manicotti Recipe is No Longer a Secret

  Some say “Home is where the heart is.” For me, home is where the food is. There is nothing better than the smell and warmth of a homemade pot of Marinara Sauce on the stove and a bunch of cheese ...

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Mi Manca l'Italia: Reminiscing about the Best Food on the Planet

  It has been almost one year since my trip to Italy, and there’s nowhere I would rather be, and with a big bowl of pasta in front of me. Each time I visit I realize how different each region is and ...

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Simply Delicious: Maiale al Latte (Milk-Braised Pork)

  The classic Italian dish of Maiale al latte (milk-braised pork) is one of my favorite examples of the rustic simplicity of Italian cuisine. The origins of Maiale al latte are hotly debated with ...

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For the Love of Pasta

  Flour + Water + Eggs + Salt + a pinch of magic = True love!  I absolutely love making pasta from scratch.  How can something so simple be so delicious?!  I find it remarkable that you can make one ...

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Facing a Fear of Cooking Braciole

  Braciole is an Italian dish that has always had a very soft spot in my heart. This is a dish of meat worthiness for those who aren’t aware. It’s a thin slice of top round, flank steak or even pork ...

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Pasta Versatility: How to Make and Use Homemade Pasta

  I love all things food, from picnics to paella to peaches and now, my latest obsession is pasta. I love teaching Pasta Workshop at The Chopping Block because we show students how to make their own ...

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Ricotta Gnocchi: Little Dumplings of Goodness

A couple of weeks ago my daughter, Delilah, really wanted to make ravioli from scratch (a blog post for the future!), so the whole family got together and busted out some dough and made a ricotta ...

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Braciole: Ultimate Italian Comfort Food

Braciole, pronounced bra'zhul, is a soul-satisfying dish that hails from Italy. It consists of a thin piece of meat, breadcrumbs, prosciutto, cheese and sometimes, but not always, hard-boiled eggs, ...

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