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Are you ready to get Bread-y? Top Tools for the Home Baker

Cold weather outside means it’s time to wake up your oven and warm up with some fresh, homemade bread. Bread making can be intimidating, but with the right tools and a few helpful tips, you’ll be ...

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You Need to Have These Cooking Tools

There are some cooking tools that are essential to any home cook's success. I recently put together a list of what I think everyone needs to have in their kitchen.

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A Food Swap Changed This Mom's Life

When I first heard of the Chicago Food Swap a few years ago, I knew it was something special. A food swap is an event in which a group of people who have made something edible out of their love for ...

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10 Tools to Transform Your Treats

Baking is a science and every scientist needs the right tools for the job. Here are ten basics that will take your baking game to the next level.

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5 Kitchen Hacks with Your Everyday Utensils

It is said that your hands are your best tools in the kitchen. I believe this to be true with every ounce of my being, but what about the second best tools? Not all tools have to be one-trick-wonders ...

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Five Favorite Kitchen Tools to Elevate Home Cooking

Somewhere in the sea of available kitchen gadgets, we know that there are some Holy Grail tools that will make prep, cooking and clean-up a breeze. These are the workhorses of the kitchen, and to ...

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Avoid a Sugar Overload and Learn How to Can and Preserve Naturally

Refined sugar is public enemy number one today. So, what's a home cook who loves to can and preserve summer fruits and vegetables to do? Can the natural way!

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Which to Use: Food Processors vs. Blenders vs. Immersion Blenders?

Kitchen space is a valuable commodity, so do you really need a food processor and a blender on your counter? What about that immersion blender stuck in your drawer?

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Chicago Loves Pierogi: Learn to Make it in our Cooking Class

There's no question we love Pierogis in Chicago. With such a strong Polish culture in our city, we've all likely tasted the traditional dumpling which can be made with either sweet or savory ...

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The Building Blocks of Cooking: Tools and Equipment

In the first part of the Building Blocks of Cooking series, we covered essential spices, vinegars and oils that home cooks should have in their pantries. This month, we'll highlight kitchen tools and ...

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