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10 American Foods Foreigners Find Weird

When you hear “America”, what foods come to mind? When I first visited the United States in 2009, I was overwhelmed by how food here differed from the Russian diet: lots of new products, interesting ...

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Are You Clueless in the Kitchen?

My guilty pleasure is reality TV, especially in the form of food competition shows. Top Chef has some redeeming qualities, though like many people, I agree the quality of the show has deteriorated ...

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Food: Transforming America's Table, 1950-2000

Were you a "good eater" as a kid? If you weren't - how old were you when that finally changed?

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Journey to The Chopping Block

In 1987, I moved from my home state of Iowa to San Diego, California. I drove to San Diego making many stops so I could take my time and enjoy the journey. Something happened on that drive: I ...

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Spaghetti Western

In its heyday from 1880 to 1920, Ellis Island greeted about 12 million immigrants to America. Spaghetti and meatballs was not one of them. Though derived from the Sicilian dish called polpette, which ...

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