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Celebrate Churros and Mexican Chocolate Sauce

  Whether you celebrated Cinco de Mayo or not, we can all agree that homemade churros with chocolate sauce should be celebrated. My friend recently had a taco-themed dinner party and when she asked ...

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A Cooking Project for You and your Kids

Over the holidays, my girlfriend's daughter Amelia had a school project in which she was assigned to make a traditional dish. The students picked a country randomly from a hat and then had to ...

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No-Bake Fruit Tart Bites

  Well, Summer certainly took its sweet old time getting here this year, but since it arrived it’s been hot-hot-HOT! When it comes to cooking, for many of us that means trying to use our stoves and ...

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Dessert on the Grill

There are still a few more days of summer left, and even more days of grilling to come. If you haven't yet tried grilling fruit, now is your chance! Grilled pineapple is a classic, but there are many ...

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The Whipped Cream of Your Dreams

  Fluffy, light, sweet whipped cream. Is there anything better? During a recent birthday party at The Chopping Block's Merchandise Mart location, we had a whipped cream contest! Two teams of thre had ...

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Butternut Squash in Ice Cream?

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that when you saw the title of this blog post, you said to yourself, “hmmm, interesting,” or “wait, WHAT?” 

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What is Your Food Delight?

  A couple of weeks ago Michael, a good friend from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico called to tell me that he was planning a visit to Chicago. He was coming in as a consultant to help generate ideas ...

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Praise Seitan! A “Meaty” Vegan Staple Must

  “But… what do vegans eat?” If I had a nickel for every time i was asked that question, I’d have… well, I’d have a lot of nickels! Most people are aware of tofu, and even tempeh, as major vegan ...

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Condensed Milk Veganized

One of the most convenient dessert ingredients at the grocery store is condensed milk. Often used to make custards, pies, cheesecakes, and especially quick & easy fudge, condensed milk is a quick ...

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Summer Dessert: Watermelon-Roasted Jalapeño Sorbet

I was working toward a degree in elementary education a few years ago, and one of my classmates was having a snack between classes. It was slices of fresh watermelon sprinkled with chili powder. I ...

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